By: Allie Adams, Bulldog Media

This Labor Day weekend marked the third year for Dry Diggings Festival, a vibey two-day music and art shindig held in Placerville, CA at the El Dorado County Fair and Event Center. The venue is located about halfway between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe and the grounds are grassy, shaded and tree-lined… perfect for laying out a blanket and letting the little ones frolic to the music. This festy is extremely family-friendly and aside from the 215 area, it’s not uncommon to see kids riding around in umbrella-covered wagons or atop dad’s shoulders. Favorites such as Common Kings, Matisyahu, Barrington Levy, Nahko & Medicine for the People and the infamous Don Carlos dominated the nighttime airwaves and painted the electric sky with their message and presence. A killer lineup, the cushiest camping situations (did someone say glamping?!) and craft beer everywhere were only the beginning of why this was the #bestweekendever

IMO one of the coolest parts about this fest was the luxury glamping area. The luxe high-pitched canvas tents were set in a circle under a gorgeous grove of trees with picnic tables and every time I passed through someone was offering me a drink. Situated near to the Altamont beer bar and close enough to see the Main Stage, it was the ultimate ~chill zone~ and even though not many of the glampers knew each other to begin with, by Sunday night everyone was BFFs. Glamper and festival-goer Aimee tells me that it “was so nice having our little community right there in our mini homes for the weekend”. She also added that they refilled their ice multiple times per day, which could be enough of a reason on its own to glamp.

With temps soaring into the 100’s, it was the daytime sets like Iya Terra, Oregone, Thrive! and Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, playing their hearts out in the beating sun, who were the real champions. I will never forget the loyal crowd full of beautiful, smiling faces sweating it out and dancing without a care in the world. That was the sweetest thing about this crowd: they were so obsessed with the music. Everyone was wearing the merch and singing the songs. They didn’t care about sweat or running makeup or the matted hair you recently wet in the hose because you just NEEDED to cool down. No one cares that your shirt is soaked in a combination of water and sweat, you’re getting a hug, gosh darnit. And once the hot California sun set and those warm summer nights descended upon us like a glowing blanket of magic we all kinda forgot about everything else anyway.

So have I convinced you yet that we have all the fun? Come glamp (or camp, no discrimination) with us Labor Day 2018! Follow Dry Diggings on Instagram and Facebook to find out next year’s lineup, ticket sale dates and maybe even a shot of your pretty face I caught last weekend.