What’s allowed in the Music Festival area?
  • Smiles and good vibes!
  • One empty water bottle or camel bag up to 1 liter. Camel packs are welcome in the main music area, but must be empty for entry. There will be free water filling stations inside.
  • Sunscreen for the daytime and blankets for the evening.
  • Dancing shoes! Hula Hoops!
  • One medium sized backpack in the main music area. No large or framed backpacks.
  • Strollers or wagons to carry the little ones.
  • Non-Professional cameras still and video (no cameras with detachable lenses, attached lens must be smaller than 2 inches).

Click here to see Campground Guidelines →

What is NOT allowed in the in the Music Festival area?
  • No frowns and bad vibes!
  • No weapons of any kind.
  • No fireworks or explosives.
  • No squirt guns.
  • No glass containers.
  • No outside food or drinks. (the exception is baby bottles)
  • No alcohol.
  • No Illegal Drugs.
  • No coolers of any size.
  • No pop-up canopies or umbrellas. These block the view for others.
  • No large or framed backpacks.
  • No refunds, exchanges or cancellations.
  • No pets (except service animals with required credentials).
  • No unauthorized vendors allowed!!

* List subject to change. Click here to see Campground Guidelines →

The Basics…

What time do the festival grounds open?
Camping opens up Friday at 8:00am.

Music Festival area will open at 12pm Fri, Sat and Sun.

Festival Front Gate hours are: 8am-2am. You can leave the grounds after 2am but won’t be let back in the grounds until 8am.

What are the Box Office Hours?

The Box office will be open at 8am Friday & 10am Sat & Sun.

What if it rains can I get my money back?

Nope, this festival is rain or shine! No refunds.

Will the festival sell out?

Possibly. Make sure to get your tickets now!

It sucks when I go to a festival and there’s trash all over the place. How is the Dry Diggings Festival going to deal with all that trash?

We agree. It’s totally gross when that happens. We need your help in keeping the venue clean by placing all of your trash, recycling and compost in the proper receptacles found throughout the festival grounds. Leave the Scene Clean!

What time does the music start?

Music starts at 2pm each day.


Can I go in and out of the festival grounds during the day?


What’s up with parking?

Parking can be purchased here from the Ticket page >

Parking is limited onsite.
Parking lot will open at 7am Friday & 8am Sat & Sunday.

Click here to see RV Parking & Campground Guidelines →

What does a Camping Pass Include?

Camping pass includes- 2 Camping wristbands and 1 parking spot  in the main lot. 

4 additional camping wristbands are available through our website once campsite is purchased.

All camping is walk in only.

Camping check in is Friday from 8am- 9pm. 

Late check in is allowed if advanced with campground host.

I wanna know when my favorite bands are playing. Can I find that info anywhere?

Yes. A few weeks before the festival we will post the stage schedules on our website and our Facebook page.

Can I bring my….

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! We welcome families of all ages. Kids 10 and under are free. Strollers and wagon for carrying the kiddies are permitted.

Can I bring my pop-up tent and canopy and umbrellas and set up camp in the festival grounds?

Unfortunately no, due to safety concerns we are asking you to leave the tents, canopies and umbrellas at home or at campground & bring blankets to sit on instead.

Wait, Can I bring my chair?

Only low back chairs will be allowed in the music area.

Can I bring my water bottle or camel bag?

Sure, as long as when you enter the festival it is empty.  Once inside, you can refill at one our free water filling stations.

Will there be…

Will there be food and beer at the festival?

There will be a bunch of delicious food vendors plus a number of beer and wine booths.

I’m vegan. Will there be something for me to eat at the festival?

Yes, there will be yummy vegetarian and vegan options from our food vendors.

Will there be First Aid on site?

There will be a first aid EMT onsite.

Will there be ATMs ?

Yes, there will be a number of ATMs inside the festival grounds but we encourage you to bring plenty of cash in advance.

Will I be able to find Security if needed?

Absolutely. Security will be at the front gate, near the stages and roaming throughout the festival grounds. They are happy to help!

I’m a …

I’m a professional photographer. Can I come take pictures?

To submit a photographer pass request, email: drydiggingsfestival@gmail.com

Dude, I’m in a band that rocks! How can we play at the Dry Diggings?
We are sure you rock. Sadly, we are booked for this years festival.
I’m super pumped about the festival and want to tell the world!

Awesome! We would love your help in spreading the word! To join the Diggings Crew send an email to: drydiggingsfestival@gmail.com

Ticket FAQS

Where can I buy tickets?
Will you be selling tickets at the gate?

Yes, and they’re not sold out.

What are Early Bird Tickets?

This is our lowest priced ticket. Once these sell out advanced tickets will be for sale.

I’m having technical difficulties buying my tickets.

Contact our fantastic ticket provider Eventbrite, for all of your ticket purchasing questions. https://www.eventbrite.com

I ordered my tickets on Universe and now I want to know when I’m going to get them.

Contact our fantastic ticket provider Eventbrite, for all of your ticket purchasing questions. https://www.eventbrite.com

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

There are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges.

What happens if I lose or damage my festival wristband?

You must buy a new wristband to re-enter the festival grounds.

What happens if I lose or damage my camping wristband?

You must buy a new camping wristband to re-enter the camp grounds.

But that sucks because I was just dancing really hard and all of the sudden my wristband was gone.

We know that sucks, you must buy a new wristband to re-enter the festival grounds.

I saw some guy on the street corner that’s selling Dry Diggings Festival tickets. I think they are $5 cheaper than the ones you are selling. Should I buy my tickets from him?

Please don’t. Only tickets bought from the Dry Diggings website, at the Official Dry Diggings Ticket Outlets, or through EventBrite.com are guaranteed to be authentic. Therefore, we recommend that you do not buy tickets from a secondary ticket vendor not listed above. Fake tickets and wristbands may appear to look like the real thing, but they will not pass the Festival’s security measures. Fake tickets will be turned away. The Dry Diggings Festival is not responsible for any counterfeit tickets.

I want to bring my family with me to the event. Are children free to attend the event?

Children 10 and under are free with a paying adult.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions please email: drydiggingsfestival@gmail.com